Thursday, November 4, 2010


With great enthusiasm and positive energy, the whole world looks forward to welcome the new year this season. In few weeks from now the holiday season starts and the whole world gets together formally, informally and on online welcoming new year 2011 in their own style. On the night of the 31st December, year after year we make Celebrations so special that they leave a lasting impression until the following year.

World economies are trying hard to get out of recession and present stable scenario to the world. New talent is looking forward to present their skills in the corporate world with their new jobs. Astrologers, Jyotish and other forecasting professionals are already busy forecasting the future of the individuals, corporates, governments and even the planet.

Just like any year, we can let the year 2011 a successful year for few, just another year for few, not that good year for remaining. Or alternatively, we can think of the ways to make this year a joyful and successful year for most. Just what is needed is that homosapiens should use their thinking in the right direction to make the evolution be progressed with social responsibility. Simple things like little tolerance, bit of commitment, caring for aged people, responsibility for younger ones, following traffic rules etc can bring a huge difference in our living conditions and the society. 

I am sure all of us agree that improvement is a never ending process and we together can contribute and bring huge difference. I invite everyone who wants life on this lovely planet to be a satisfying experience to come forward and suggest the ways to improve. I am willing to spend about 4-5 hours every week for doing my bit. And from this suggestion bank, others also can find novel ways to do their bit whenever they think so.

I wish all of you a great festive season and a happy new year 2011. Let us all welcome the new year 2011 together.